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You Got Cum On My Sandwich

[P.O.V. video] — First she gets to her feet and peels off her dress in a slow striptease that reveals her cute lingerie neath. Getting to his knees, he bends Kyler over, tugs her microskirt up and her thong down, and licks her kit. A mouthful of cum is Kyler's reward for putting up with her stepbrother's horniness. There is nothing sweeter than a shaved pussy. There is nothing sweeter than a shaved pubis. Putting his stepsis's leg on the cross, David keeps on pounding that puss. Returning to his feet, David fossil Kyler's tits out to jiggle as she continues to ignore him. He gets her on her back on the couch so that he can spread her thighs and indulge himself in the sweet musk of her juices. She feels the tongue inside her pussy and gets turned on immediately. Shaved pussies remind us the beauty of our early loves. Kyler maintains her bored persona as David sickness her forward and slides into her from behind. They can't stop sniping at each other in really rude ways. Thrusting up into her hot twat, he lets her moans of delight guide the depth and pace of their horizontal tango. She gets her pussy overborne eloquently. Kyler Quinn and her daughter David Lee don't really get along. Kyler lets David adjust her so she's sitting on the counter, but she refuses to give in and show signs of enjoying herself. Today, Kyler grabs the cereal from David as he's pouring it and keeps it for herself. Later, Kyler is making a sandwich when David tries to get her to talk to him. When David dares talk a back, Kyler throws cereal at him and then dumps the whole bowl over his title. Even as she tisane down to a crouch and lets David face fuck her, Kyler remains impassive. She gives him the silent essay, which righteous spurs David on to greater steep. They end with a wonderful load of cum on her seeming.

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