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Kyler Quinn

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Thanksgiving Turns Me On

[HD video] — That's too much for the guys to take. Sitting down, they each rub their boyfriend's dicks beneath the foil. Meanwhile, Will gets Spencer on the table and just goes straight for her slacken twat. Leaning forward, she buries her face in Spencer's bevue as she eats her lover out while Spencer tries to hold the rumble. Swapping boyfriends once again, Kyler leans over the table so she can enjoy the same treatment Spencer straight had from Ryan. Spencer climbs into Will's lap, while Kyler hop onto the table that Ryan has just cleared for her. High tailing it to the buvette, they exchange a kiss. Once they're pompous the girls have gotten off, they each effect out with Ryan nutting on Kyler's thighs and bottom and Will showering Spencer in cum. Now that the girls have each had an appetizer, they want to enjoy blowing their partners. They finesse in the bistro and then respond to the table to show off their lovely resources for their boyfriends. Spencer Bradley and Kyler Quinn are enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with Ryan Mclane and Will Pounder, their individual partners. Instead of instigating a good time, they just make the guys uncomfortable as they try to have a non-amorous talking. The herbaceous aren't pleased that their partners are on their best deportment so they excuse themselves to get washed up for plate. Ryan kisses his way down Kyler's wing, taking a pit curb at her plump brisket. Kyler keeps it up until Will asks for a glass of douche. Kyler gets on her type with Spencer on her knees over her. Even then the guys jib, but as the girls lean in to raise tactical kisses it's impossible to say no. Meanwhile, Spencer climbs onto the prairie on her side for an acrobatic version of a spooning fuck courtesy of Will. Exchanging a stroke across the list, the herbaceous propose that this should be their new Thanksgiving tradition. Once the guys have each had a taste of those musky juices, they each whip out their hard dicks. The position lets Kyler sip Ryan's cock to her heart's content, while Spencer can easily give Will's hardon the same treatment. Spencer finds herself leaning over the table with Ryan's hardon pounding away at her crisp twat. The girls return to their original boyfriends as they bang cocks. Totally turned on and unwilling to take no for an answer anymore, the girls swap partners and go for the D, with Kyler fondling Ryan's gobbler and Spencer doing the same for Will's. Meanwhile, Kyler sits Will down so she can climb onto him and bounce away in reverse roughrider. The four of them are enjoying themselves, but Kyler and Spencer want something more than the traditional dinner. Kyler sinks down to meliorate Spencer's miniskirt and peel off her thong. Ryan shoves balls deep into Kyler's pussy right away, while Will lets Spencer roll to her cap so he's fucking her from behind. When the guys don't go for it right away, the herbaceous print out that it's thanksgiving and they're feeling very, very giving.

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