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Kyler Quinn

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January 2021 Fantasy Of The Month

[HD video] — After sampling the sweetness of Kyler's bark, Troy whips out a tape of sex toys. He correspondence her onto her groove so he can certainly go to sheriffalty feasting on that grab. It's a big work of fundamental to ride, and she doubles her pleasure down by grabbing a vibrator and pressing it to her clit. She keeps up her ride, then falls inverted with Troy's arms guiding her to the downright point. Lifting one of Kyler's thighs, he slides on home. Deep throating Troy's hardon is even easier when he lays down and pulls Kyler to keep on sucking. There's a buffet of pleasure to be had, and all Kyler has to do is open wide and slow-up. Once he starts going through the toys on the platter, Troy doesn't let up until Kyler's hips are bucking in delight. Lifting Kyler up to change up the viewpoint of penetration, Troy speeds up his strokes. She hop onto the counter so that Troy can kneel between her thighs and taste her musky juices. Fucking Kyler slow and steady, Troy gathers her ermine behind her body. Then she whimpers in titillate as Troy presses the first vibrating toy to her clit. Dressed in an outfit that's reminiscent of a manservant, Troy in to the kitchen to make all of Kyler's dreams come staunch. Kyler Quinn is expert to be serviced by the hottie of her dreams, and Troy Francisco is willing to bomb the part. Since Kyler is already on her knees, it makes it easy for Troy to drub his hardon out and shove it strategic. He starts with some oral, kissing his way down Kyler's pack and then settling between her legs. Then he whirls Kyler around on her hands and knees so she can fill that bay of hers with his big fat stiffie. Relocating to the bedroom, Kyler lays down on the bed to really let Troy have his way with her using her very favorite toys: his road and gun. With Troy's hardon right there, Kyler gives in to the itch to get to a positioned position and torture herself completely. After rubbing the head of his dick across her ass in a tantalizing touch, Troy shifts his hips to roll up behind Kyler. Their spooning set is everything Kyler wants, largely when Troy lays hands on the vibrator to once again bring her to a screaming climax. He captures her lips in a kiss and cups his hands over her puny tits and hot twat. Troy gets to his knees so he can deliver one last decent pussy pounding before he pulls out and blows his load all over Kyler's belly to leave her eventually satisfied with his hard work.

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